Double glazing and uPVC window repairs can help to give new life to your windows without the need to replace them.

If you have uPVC windows in your home, a problem such as a broken seal and condensation or a broken lock or hinge might be filling you with dread.

Will you have to have the entire window replaced? How much will it cost?

Don’t worry!

As a uPVC window and door repair specialist, let me reassure you that most problems with uPVC windows can be fixed without the need for a complete replacement.

It is important to act quickly though. If problems such as small cracks or damaged hinges are left, they can quickly escalate into larger, more costly issues.

Window repairs in and near Peterborough

If you live in or around Peterborough (I work within a 30-mile radius), I can carry out a wide range of window repairs.

This includes resolving problems such as:

  • Smashed glass
  • Jammed or broken locks
  • Broken handles
  • Stiff, loose, broken or crooked hinges
  • Damaged seals
  • Draughty windows
  • Leaks
  • Condensation
  • Safety restrictors

Whatever your problem (even if it’s not on the list above), I can give you a cost-effective, long-lasting solution.

I use high-quality materials, state-of-the-art equipment and have a range of fixtures and fittings to ensure that your windows will be restored to their original, fully functioning state with no hassle.

I always take great care to preserve the area surrounding the window as much as humanly possible. My clients are often delighted that I’m able to save their bathroom or kitchen tiles or recently painted walls!

New or replacement windows

If you would like new or replacement uPVC or composite windows fitted at your property, I can help you with this too.

I fit everything from standard windows to shaped windows, conservatory windows to patio doors, and Velux windows to roof lanterns. I am also skilled at fitting windows with integrated blinds.

Energy efficient

Double glazing has the potential to significantly reduce your fuel consumption by improving the insulation of your home and reducing heat loss via windows and doors. It’s an investment that could save you a considerable amount of money in the long-term.

I provide a full range of double glazing, secondary glazing and triple glazing. All of the units I offer are high quality and energy efficient whilst improving the style and value of your home.

In the case of listed buildings, I’m able to advise on secondary glazing, which is a cost-effective, non-structural alternative to traditional triple or double glazing.

Clear quotes & communication

I quote every job clearly so you know what the work will cost from the outset. You can rely on a professional, friendly service and I always clean up after myself.

I am registered with FENSA and the GQA.

This helps to ensure that I work to a high standard and, in many cases, provide you with added warranties on your double and triple glazed windows, doors and conservatories.

Get in touch today for a free no-obligation quote for your double-glazing or uPVC window repair. Domestic and commercial properties covered within a 30-mile radius of Peterborough.